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Putrajaya - Malaysia

The idea of establishing a new Federal Government Administrative Centre was first suggested in the 1980's. Throughout the 1990's a new centre was seen through the systematic development in an area located 25 km from Kuala Lumpur. The youngest of the three Federal Territories, Putrajaya obtained its status on 1st February 2001.


There is no old history to Putrajaya rather a series of events to its birth as a Federal Territory. Events unfolded in the following stages.

2nd June 1993

The Cabinet approves the location of Prang Besar in Sepang as the site for the development of Putrajaya.

22nd February 1994
The Cabinet approves the Master Plan.
12th October 1994
The Cabinet gives its approval to change the name of Prang Besar to Putrajaya, in recognition of the first Malaysian Prime Minister, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-haj.
29th August 1995
Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad officiates the launching of Putrajaya at the Putrajaya project site.
19th October 1995
Putrajaya Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is incorporated, thus becoming the official developer of Putrajaya.
10th September 1996
Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad performs the ground-breaking ceremony of the Putrajaya Government Precinct.
31st May 1999
The National Security Division (Bahagian Keselamatan Negara) and Implementation and Coordination Unit (ICU) of the Prime Minister's Department create history by being the first two government departments to move their operations to the Prime Minister's Office Complex in Putrajaya.
18th June 1999
Friday prayers is performed for the first time at the Putra Mosque by approximately 1,000 Muslims. Putra Mosque can fill 15 000 worshippers at any one time.
21st June 1999
Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad begins work at his new office in Putrajaya.
23rd June 1999
The first Cabinet meeting is held at the new Federal Government Administrative Centre.
6th July 1999
The new Federal Government Administrative Centre is open to the public.
19th October 2000
Deputy Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announces that the Cabinet has agreed to declare Putrajaya a Federal Territory.
7th November 2000
The Agreement is signed between His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agong (on behalf of the Federal Government) and the Regent of Selangor Tengku Idris Shah (on behalf of the Selangor Government).
1st February 2001
Putrajaya is officially declared a Federal Territory.


Area : 4,580 hectares
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