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Perlis - Malaysia

Perlis, the smallest state in Malaysia, lies at the northwestern extremity of the Malay Peninsula; its western coastline borders the Straits of Malacca. Bounded by Thailand in the north, and by Kedah to the east and south, it measures approximately 759 sq. km and has a population of 175,000. Kangar is the seat of the State Government.


Perlis was initially a part of Kedah but was presented as a gift by Sultan Ziauddin Mukarram Syah in 1797 to his daughter Tuanku Safuah and son-in-law Syed Harun Jamalulail, who was of Arab descent. When the Sultan of Kedah returned to his throne in 1842 after the Siamese conquest, the Siamese conquerors mantained Perlis as a separate state. They appointed Syed Hussain Jamalulail as the first King of Perlis.

On 9th July 1909, the Bangkok Agreement was ratified by the British and Siamese. This agreement delivered Perlis to British colonialists and Perlis was forced to accept an English advisor, Meadows Frost was the man assigned. This ruling lasted until the Japanese Invasion of 1941. On 1st September 1946, after the Japanese surrendered, Kedah was placed under the British Military Administration.

British colonialists in London formed the Malayan Peninsula Planning Unit in 1943, and on 10th October 1945, the Malayan Union scheme was laid out before the British Parliament. A day later, Sir Harold MacMichael was sent to the Malayan Peninsula to obtain the agreement of the Malay Rulers. With this agreement, Penang, Malacca and nine other Malay states were united under the Malayan Union.

Malay opposition groups derailed the Malayan Union plan and the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) was formed under Dato' Onn Jaafar on 11th May 1946. The Malay Federation was founded on 1st February 1948 and on 31st August 1957, independence was declared.



The top half of the flag, which is yellow in colour, represents the royal status of the Ruler of Perlis. The bottom half of the flag, on the other hand, is blue and stands for the people of Perlis. The two colours lay close and in tangent with each other, reflecting the cordial and close relationship between the Ruler and his people.


The sturdy green paddy wreath denotes the source of the state's biggest produce and economic activity. The shield represents the people's sense of pride and honour for Perlis. In general, this emblem encapsulates the state's pride of its prosperous rice production.



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Timah Tasoh Dam

Built in 1992 at a cost of RM67 million, this dam supplies water to the people of Perlis and prevents the occurrences of floods. It is located at the Perlis State Park and can hold up to 35.3 million litres of water. It is also home to migratory birds, especially those from cold countries, as its freshwater lake and natural surroundings provide food and shelter.


Area : 810 square km
State Capital : Kangar
Royal Town : Arau
Administrative Divisions : None


: 198,335 (2000)

Breakdown of Races (1994)

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